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The Useful Lie William L. Playfair

The Useful Lie

William L. Playfair

Published July 1st 1991
ISBN : 9780891076377
191 pages
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 About the Book 

This book asks the question of whether AA ( Alcoholics Anonymous) is 1. Biblical 2. scientific 3. a permanent solution to the problem. It is a good book to bring a person back to the Bible and sound science. The answer to all three questions is: No- it is not biblical- no - it is not scientific- and no- it does not provide a permanent solution to the problem (people are still considered recovering alcoholics until the day they die - there is no new creation and new identity as spoken of by our Lord and His apostles). All of this does fit well with the current drug culture, however, that provides maintenance of problems but no permanent solution ( or else there would be no return customers).The last few chapters are a little disappointing in that they dont really deal with such practical questions as how to deal with children of believers who are alcoholics and/or problem drinkers ( drunks) and who profess to be Christians but may still not have a full revelation and so deceive themselves. Couple this with the general disarray in the churches on the subject and the fact that most do not provide that intimate, organic church that was originally intended. With these problems still rampant, it is hard to fathom any kind of church discipline having much effect. For example, if a person never felt like they were loved and a part of a Christian community - then how is excommunication going to help restore them? Answer- it wont. They will either be angry and bitter ( un-restored) and/or they will just go to another church that is more accepting of their views and lifestyle.