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A CRUSHED ROSE: The Life of Roszalia Ellen Roszalia Ellen

A CRUSHED ROSE: The Life of Roszalia Ellen

Roszalia Ellen

Published February 9th 2011
Kindle Edition
84 pages
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 About the Book 

A CRUSHED ROSE is a true story. A beautiful child was robbed of her youth. Her voice was muted, spirit crushed, and body violated. Her eyes showed fear, sadness, and depression- people labeled her shy. She whispered her story to a few adults- they smiled and pretended not to understand. This Rose began to wither from the inside- her petals spiraled out of control. Incest is a sexual union between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incest cannot survive in a family where the rights of children are respected and protected. An informed community and enlightened culture is obligated to expose crimes against children. Law enforcement and social service agencies must rescue victims of sexual and physical violence. Law enforcement must ensure the rights of the victims. How do you make sense out of a life of terror? How much mental, emotional, verbal, and physical, abuse can a child take from their biological parents before they rise up and challenge their abusers? Victims of violence are usually physically weak and mentally confused, therefore, they just weather the storm. They pray to God for a rescue. The strong emotional bond of shame keeps people trapped for years. In the case of Roszalia Ellen she was also held captive by a continuous threat with a 45 automatic handgun. However, as an adult, she engaged in a six-year war to save her daughter from being put to death by the state of Mississippi. That fight gave her strength to battle for her health and peace of mind. She ended her fight with God and turned on the real enemy. She prevailed with a clear message to openly fight all forms of sexual violence against children, including the most horrendous depravity -- incest.